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Sanefer Holly 

Maasatimbala Sanefer Miling is an actress, singer and member of the vocal group Holly Girlz.  She was born on October 9, 2003 in Washington, D.C. to parents, Obi and Carla Holly.   Also known as “Chocolate City”, Washington, D.C. proved itself culturally nurturing; being raised amongst a rich backdrop of traditional African religion, Pan-African community and a wealth of artists and educators city-wide.


As a toddler, she earned the nickname “Baby Buttons”, because at her artist/producer parent’s studio recording sessions, she would amble over to the engineer’s desk and change the settings.  Ironically, her suggestions were pretty good and earned her a chair where she could literally be “in the mix”.  She would later produce the music soundtrack for the second official Holly Girl By Holly Girlz, commercial Ad.


At just 6 , she co-hosted the “Ari & Sanefer Show” for the Colors Network alongside her sister Ariana Shring. In the fall of 2011, her parents relocated the family to Los Angeles, CA to provide their daughters the element to pursue the girls’ dreams of career success in entertainment.  Sanefer and sister Ariana joined the Holly Girlz group in 2011, following in the footsteps of their sisters Amsara Sekhita Mai and Taia Maati Khum, whom formed the group in 2009. 


In 2013, they developed a following by creating a Holly Girlz YouTube channel doing covers of the most famous contemporary and classic songs of the time,  including Bruno Mars' “Locked Out Of Heaven”, “We AreYoung” by Fun and “Don’t Mess With Bill” by The Marvelettes, which featured Sanefer.  She also developed the character “Coco” for “The 70s Club”, a YouTube comedy she created with her sister Ariana Shring.   


In 2013 the Holly Girlz released single "Wind It Up Like (Chuck Brown)".  This track pays homage to the creator and “Godfather of Go-go” music, the acclaimed jazz and funk musician Chuck Brown, while highlighting D.C.’s iconic go-go music sound.  They received accolades in the underground DMV (Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia) music scene.  Intent on building a Holly Girlz presence, the quartet also launched their website in 2013 - further expanding the Holly Girlz brand and featuring the Holly Girlz entertainment outlet "SoHG". In 2017, the group released their first collection of apparel, “Holly Girl By Holly Girlz” through partnership with online store HOODBOT.


Her additional interests include cooking vegan meals, creating virtual worlds with the MineCraft gaming app, modeling and fashion design.  She is currently working on the first Holly Girlz  album with her sisters, while pursuing TV and film projects.

Till Now We Stand - A Short Film

Till Now We Stand - A Short Film

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