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Ariana Holly 

Ariana Shring is an actress, singer and member of the vocal group Holly Girlz.  She was born on February 25, 2001 in Washington, D.C. to parents, Obi and Carla Holly. Also known as “Chocolate City”, Washington, D.C. proved itself culturally nurturing; being raised amongst a rich backdrop of traditional African religion, Pan-African community and a wealth of artists and educators city-wide.  The impact is felt in Ariana’s wholistic world-view, sharp intellect, and quick wit. She was encouraged by her parents, both artists and producers, to express her creative interests at an early age.


As a young girl, avid singer and ballet dancer, she also voiced an interest in acting. At age 8, she co-hosted the “Ari & Sanefer Show”  for the Colors Network alongside her younger sister Maasatimbala Sanefer Miling.  The two younger Holly sisters joined the Holly Girlz group in 2011, following their sisters Amsara Sekhita Mai and Taia Maati Khum, who formed the group in 2009. 


In the fall of 2011, her parents relocated the family to Los Angeles, CA to give their daughters a better foundation to pursue the girls’ dreams of entertainment success. Shortly thereafter, in early 2013 the Holly Girlz  created a substantial following on their YouTube channel through doing covers of popular artists music, which showcased classics and contemporary tunes: from Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” to TLC’s ”Waterfalls” and Beyonce’s “Listen”.  Ariana in particular, shines on “I’m Yours” by Jason Maraz.  In addition, Ariana developed the comedic character “Shagley” for a YouTube show “The 70s Club” she created with her younger sister.    


In 2013 the Holly Girlz released single "Wind It Up Like (Chuck Brown)".  This track pays homage to the creator and “Godfather of Go-go” music, the acclaimed jazz and funk musician Chuck Brown, while highlighting D.C.’s iconic go-go music sound.  They received accolades in the underground DMV (Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia) music scene.  Intent on building a Holly Girlz presence, the quartet also launched their website in 2013 - further expanding the Holly Girlz brand and featuring the Holly Girlz entertainment outlet "SoHG"(So Holly Girlz). In 2017, the group released their first collection of apparel, “Holly Girl By Holly Girlz” through partnership with online streetwear brand HOODBOT.


​In addition to acting and singing, Ariana readily engages in creating concepts and writing film treatments, as she sees film directing in her near future. Her interests also include drawing, video gaming, app design & development, sewing (fashion design), studying metaphysics & quantum physics, reading and swimming.  Referencing her expectations of success, Ariana firmly lives by the credence that, “There are no mistakes. Fate already has everything set in stone.”  She is currently working on the first Holly Girlz album with her sisters, while pursuing TV and film projects.   

Till Now We Stand - A Short Film

Till Now We Stand - A Short Film

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